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Yorkshire based Professional Landscape and Wildlife Photographer


  • Dragon Jewels
    Posted on 26/07/15

    One thing I've always wanted to photograph is dragonflies covered in dew. This weekend I've found a local site which if the conditions are right is perfect.... Read More...
  • Waiting for the Perfect Conditions…. (+ more fun with Canon 5DS)
    Posted on 20/07/15

    Thought I would do a quick blog about a bit of frustration I've been having and sometimes waiting for the perfect conditions may not be the best thing for photography... Plus a few more more shots which show the capability of the 5DS. Read More...
  • Kingfisher Fun
    Posted on 28/06/15

    My friend Mark Hughes had made some changes to his kingfisher hide and invited me down to have a look. I also had the new Canon 5DS to play with so had to head down... Read More...
  • First Thoughts on the New Canon 5DS
    Posted on 15/06/15

    I got the all new Canon 5DS camera. At 50.6 megapixels it's a lot of a camera! I've managed to spend a bit of time giving it a good test and thought I would write up my thoughts of this exciting new camera. Read More...

  • Amazing Owl Day
    Posted on 14/05/15

    I've been back from the Arctic for a few weeks now and been busy with a number of workshops and commercial photography jobs. My friend Mark Hughes contacted me about a new workshop he's planing and invited me out to visit a few sites he's been working on private land to photograph barn owls. I went along this morning and what an amazing morning! Read More...
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