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Yorkshire based Professional Landscape and Wildlife Photographer


  • Handheld Stacking vs Stacking with a Tripod
    Posted on 29/07/17

    Anyone who follows my photography knows I do a lot of macro photography and I use a technique called stacking a lot. I'm going to do a few blogs going into some of the details of stacking and how to do it. In this one I'm going to cover handheld stacking versus the more traditional way using a tripod. Read More...
  • Iceland 2016
    Posted on 26/01/17

    Friend and fellow professional photographer Mat Richardson co-led workshops in Iceland in Autumn 2016. This blog is to provide a summary of those trips and some of the great photographic opportunities we got out of it and also to let people know what Iceland trips we have planned for 2017. Read More...
  • Adventures in the Arctic 2016/17 Part 1 (or Does the Aurora Make a Noise?)
    Posted on 28/12/16

    We have had a crazy few days of aurora activity for the last week. During that time I also heard a noise, which I've heard a few times before during strong geomagnetic activity, so I thought it time to write a blog.... Read More...
  • On the fence
    Posted on 04/07/16

    At the moment we seem to be having a lot of windy days which make macro photography tough. One way of getting round this is try and use things which are not so impacted by the wind. Hence a blog on fenceposts! Read More...
  • Sunday Mornings Macro Session
    Posted on 19/06/16

    I had a great morning doing some early morning macro. The results I think some of my best work. So I thought I'd do a quick blog on it... Read More...
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