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Yorkshire based Professional Landscape and Wildlife Photographer


  • When is the best time to do Aurora Photography ?
    Posted on 22/03/16

    I often get asked this question; "When is the best time to do aurora photography" and in this blog I was wanting to discuss this very question. As in all things photography the answer is not that simple! Read More...
  • Adventures in the Arctic 2015/16 part 3 (Sami, puppies and crazy ice)
    Posted on 21/02/16

    Nasty windy weather here in Abisko today so using the time to write another blog. This one is a mix of the usual auroras, macros and landscapes but also got invited to see a large Sami event of splitting the herd of reindeer which is a very rare event for people to see. I also got chance to photograph some beautiful husky puppies... Read More...
  • Adventures in the Arctic 2015/16 part 2
    Posted on 30/01/16

    2nd blog of the Winter season the lake has frozen which provided some great photographic opportunities and also did a little road trip to Lofoten... Read More...
  • Adventures in the Arctic 2015 part 1
    Posted on 02/01/16

    I started working in Abisko again this winter season about 6 weeks ago and I'm a bit late in getting the first blog out. The last 6 weeks have been fairly busy either with work or my own photography so there are a number of subjects included in the blog. Read More...
  • Dragon Jewels
    Posted on 26/07/15

    One thing I've always wanted to photograph is dragonflies covered in dew. This weekend I've found a local site which if the conditions are right is perfect.... Read More...
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