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Yorkshire based Professional Landscape and Wildlife Photographer


  • Kingfisher Fun
    Posted on 28/06/15

    My friend Mark Hughes had made some changes to his kingfisher hide and invited me down to have a look. I also had the new Canon 5DS to play with so had to head down... Read More...

  • First Thoughts on the New Canon 5DS
    Posted on 15/06/15

    I got the all new Canon 5DS camera. At 50.6 megapixels it's a lot of a camera! I've managed to spend a bit of time giving it a good test and thought I would write up my thoughts of this exciting new camera. Read More...

  • Christmas Blog from Lapland :)
    Posted on 24/12/14

    Had another amazing week in Lapland. It's started to freeze up big time and there has been some absolutely bonkers auroras:) Other highlights have to be the two hawk owls and some crazy ice. Happy Christmas to everyone! Read More...

  • How To Photograph Salmon
    Posted on 25/10/14

    I've been lucky enough this week to have some time witnessing the amazing autumnal salmon run in Yorkshire. Quite topical as lot's of people are into the idea of photographing this event. It really puts your wildlife photography skills to the test so as I've been doing this for a few years I thought I'd document the techniques I use to photograph this amazing natural spectacle. Read More...

  • Bubbles in Snowdonia
    Posted on 18/09/14

    Through a piece of photography work I did for the legendary bubble photographer Richard Heeks I made a new contact. Dr Zigs in Snowdonia these guys make the best biggest bubbles on the island. So a combination of one of my favourite places in the world and big bubbles I had to do a trip to Snowdonia... Read More...

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