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Yorkshire based Professional Landscape and Wildlife Photographer


  • In Search of Dragons and Damsels
    Posted on 18/05/18

    After seeing the forecast for the following morning looked perfect for macro photography yesterday, I set the alarm for 4am and had one of the best mornings of photography I can remember. This blog is about the experience and the results! I do think the results are some of my best macro shots to date. Read More...

  • Handheld Stacking vs Stacking with a Tripod
    Posted on 29/07/17

    Anyone who follows my photography knows I do a lot of macro photography and I use a technique called stacking a lot. I'm going to do a few blogs going into some of the details of stacking and how to do it. In this one I'm going to cover handheld stacking versus the more traditional way using a tripod. Read More...

  • On the fence
    Posted on 04/07/16

    At the moment we seem to be having a lot of windy days which make macro photography tough. One way of getting round this is try and use things which are not so impacted by the wind. Hence a blog on fenceposts! Read More...

  • When is the best time to do Aurora Photography ?
    Posted on 22/03/16

    I often get asked this question; "When is the best time to do aurora photography" and in this blog I was wanting to discuss this very question. As in all things photography the answer is not that simple! Read More...

  • Dragon Jewels
    Posted on 26/07/15

    One thing I've always wanted to photograph is dragonflies covered in dew. This weekend I've found a local site which if the conditions are right is perfect.... Read More...

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